4 the of July

Goforth of July

Fireworks sounding like footsteps

An invading army

Of one

Drum roll please!

Marching across the continents to slay with his might

Begin wars with his power

And take away the light of the world

With his own rocket light laser beams exploding cartridges

FIENDISH SIRENS         lazy whistling screams 

Fireworks pound like the giant’s feet

Stepping across the continents

A conquering giant

He lumbers from lust to stamp out all his 


His clumsy steps, his strides long

Unplanned and thoughtless to begin with

They never finish 

His grim jaw

Is set to never meet defeat

Constantly searching for an enemy

But he has conquered all

 All but his own self

He has searched the world

And in his long glance, 

He still doesn’t see what he wants

So he keeps walking 

Though he’s conquered the world

        with the beat of his footsteps 

He feels his own power

In the shudders of those who

 Stand to lose it all

So he strides large

    And looks good

        And smiles to show he’s right

And raises his fist to the sky

But all that he’s taken is the result of his might

 And his twisted desire to set it all right

But all he is doing is pounding away

the echoes of the feet of the giant ring from the hills

somewhere in the world every night.

By Julie E. Bruce


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