Martin Luther King Jr Day Parade 2008 in Sacramento

So, this year, I finally got up in time to make sense of the pounding drums outside and realized I was actually off my lazy ass early enough to go down and have a gander at the annual Martin Luther King Jr
parade. It's just two blocks from my house on my favorite street, 21st. I have a warm special feeling for 21st St. I feel a special appreciation for MLK too, in addition to other more obvious reasons, also because we share a birthday.
looking down 21st st- MLK Day parade Sacramento 2008
It was pretty amazing to see a thousand or two people streaming in both directions far as the eye could see at ten in the am on a holiday. Very convenient way to keep an eye on the kids, you know. It seemed the whole police force was out to guide traffic. I wondered if passersby, who probably couldn't tell it was a parade, wondered whatall the kids were being herded along for and if something sinister was afoot.
looking up 21st st- MLK Day parade Sacramento 2008
It was clear to me this was an event most of the kids in the parade
only knew as something they had to practice marching for and didn't know what the day really represented. There were drums, but I never heard any other instruments! Is that what budgetcuts have done, you have the whole band, but only the drum has survived? They played one drumbeat, like a heartbeat. I KNOW I saw pompoms. They can afford pom poms but not...anything...else? I actually saw more guns than instruments being paraded, by that I mean,officer's guns, and guns the little kids carried for some parade reason. I'm not sure why.
If you can't read this, be assured, irony thrives,mom's on crack. I'm so embarrassed!
Still, you have to wonder about the lady with the "Attention, the hate word N*igg*r is not used here" sign, and what does she really think that is all about? Does SHE think it's funny, or did she really have the same message as the lady a few steps back who had a sign that read "The "N" word isn't used here" without actually using that word like they say they don't use it!??!?? WHAT!?!?!

The "Crack is never good" man made a local celebrity out of himself with his megaphone, sometimes he would be surrounded by local paparazzi. He drove in and out of the parade route so he could shout a little more. But I didn't hear any inspirational music, or speeches, other than Crack mans. He was telling the brothers to clean up you
know. He had a pretty good rant.
Well, at least he's not showing any....,totally transfixed by crack man
It was pretty interesting overall, very low key, and I dumpstered some kids huge felt flag out of the dumpster by the Press Club someone got sick of carrying. It has some kind of eagle onit, a bunch of green felt letters- it's huge! Best dumpster score in years!
near casa de chaos  MLK Day parade Sacramento 2008

I know, represent. Be good kid.
casa de chaos!,that's what it's about, apparently. Him.

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