Dreams are Idea Eggs

I live by a cemetary and the moon is shining on the headstones. I can see them from my window. I like to wake up to fog. I wish I could enjoy cold and damp as much as warm and toasty, but it's so cold out. But I love that too. I wish I could burrow in damp oak leaves under a stone. I want to live in a cloud. I wish I really wanted to walk around all night like an animal taking in the smells and noises in the brush,but f*ck that!
Lately I have been frustrated by life and myself and people who aren't good at what they do. Or their really good at doing nothing. Does the world really mean for us to all stand around? Because I'm down for that.
I love the feel of clean teeth but I hate brushing them.
I'm writing a book about a virtually immortal vampire girl I dreamt about years ago. She's got a half dead but immortal cat-sister in her care that was unearthed alive from a grave after 600 years, and that has telepathy. The dream set the whole premise for the story I'm writing now, gave me a background. It's great when I have dreams like that.
Lately, I've been sleeping a lot because the dreams are getting more intense. A lot of the time, they have newts in them. A lot of the time, mountains. I recommend waking up after sleeping for 4 hours, falling back asleep, and waking again after 3 hours. Lately I have gotten back into dreams where they left off when I woke up for the first time. You have to really want that for it to happen.

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