I'm just going to share this link today, and hope that anyone who knows me should understand that apparently being my own person means I'm a bitch. It would be preferable to not apply this label. Why? Because what needs to be understood here is that to earn my respect and pussy you need to NOT BE A PUSSY. Gentlemen are welcome, however. Do ya think that's funny, do ya?



I made this just in time for Christmas! Resting bitch face, meet resting bro face. No one can do that better than Jesus! Amen, brother!

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A story about future cops I went to college with.
On a lark, I decided to take a Criminal Psychology course at Sac State as an elective. The class was very bizarre. Most of the students were senior year and had put off taking the class because they were afraid they wouldn't be able to pass it. I was still in my freshman year and found the class to be quite easy. You would read about a serial killer, or mass murderer, you know; Ed Gein, Dorthea Puente, etc....and write an essay on their motivations. 

Because motivations are part of why people commit crimes, and if you understand that people have motivations to do bad things most of the time, then you know that most people are not out to commit crimes, and you don't have to suspect, say, the little boy 10 feet away from you as having a motive for causing you harm. Therefore, you can take a step back and if you need to negotiate with someone who MAY cause you harm, you know you have a good reason NOT to suspect they are out for your harm and just shoot them like a total dumbass. 

(Plus, if you are an officer, you are wearing a bullet proof vest, right? Don't be a pussy!) 

These IDIOTS in this class (your future officers) got Ds and Fs on their essays. I got As and Bs. I remember one of the future officers of America seeing my grade; and wide-eyed, he said "Wow, how did you get an A?" I looked at him for a long moment and tried to hide my horror of the future of law enforcement. I think I said " I read about them and completed the assignment." 

This guy was afraid of an ESSAY. How was he gonna be a cop? And clearly, the issue here is also lack of COMPREHENSION. A terrifying lack of comprehension of fellow humans and why they do things. All you have to do is realize that a motive is what can cause you harm, not just a gun (unless held by a cop  ), and not just a person. Do law enforcement get training in negotiations anymore? Trying to talk to people? Because there are TV shows that can teach you that crap. Isn't that all that's on TV? 

Another disappointing fact about that class was general ignorance about appearance and motivations. Keep in mind this was 20 years ago, a big difference in this area as far as how people look. Everyone in the class agreed combat boots, bicycle jackets, mohawks, and tattoos meant you were a nazi skinhead. It was hard to believe that everyone I knew in midtown at that time looked like a nazi skinhead to these future cops of America. So when stuff like this happens, I just think of that wide eyed stare and shudder.

I actually knew someone in the group of people who were criminal justice majors, and I designed them a shirt, which they silkscreened a quantity of. It had something to do with drug abuse, so I drew a bottle and filled it with a needle and a bunch of pills and pillbottles....it was pretty dark :) I'm not sure it was what they wanted, but it was gnarly!


Me as a zombie. Playing a role in a music video for the band The Left Hand. I will eat your brains, if you have any!


Amanda Palmer Sings Lady Gaga's "Pokerface"


Thank you Amanda Palmer for inserting the rant below and somehow making this song more musical and giving a performance of real empowerment! Hooray! Really worth watching.

she's a consumer and a product
art of conduct
cause she's buying what she's selling
she's not lying, she's just trying to write songs rebelling
just like madonna in the 80's
lumping with her´╗┐ simulcrum
on this logical musical continuum
she typifies Baudrillard's argument
we no longer have the ability to make sense of the distinction between nature and artifice
thus a new culture emerges where
feminity can be read as artifice
the women as signifier


Keith Cary and Bob Armstrong at Old Soul in the Guild Theater Building, Sacramento March 20 2010

It's always a pleasure to hear and see Bob and Keith, and lately Bob (also creator of Mickey Rat, illustrator of Martin cowboy guitars among many other things) has been busting out this awesome Neronde accordion lately. Look up Keith Cary and you'll be amazed what you find too.
See more at www.youtube.com/valletiberti


Aaron Seeman, Duckmandu -Highway to Hell by ACDC the Final Cut.wmv

Here is the result of an accordion class on AC/DC's "Highway to Hell." taught by the great Duckmandu!


Check out my new blog "This Accordion Life"

I have a new blog called "This Accordion Life." that I will posting at mostly from now on. So check me out there, and also all the cool links to the music I put up to share with you!


Playing Metal on Accordion

I wasn't sure I was going to watch all of this at first when I found it, but it's really funny and it works! Ha ha ha!


Sour Mash Hug Band at Luigi's Nov 19 2009 Fidi Volach.wmv

Sour Mash Hug Band at Luigi's Nov 19 2009 Hole in My Shoe.wmv

This is one of my favorite songs performed by the Sour Mash. They are street performers, so I bet they sing it from the heart! I appreciate that.

Sour Mash Hug Band at Luigi's Pizza Nov 19 2009 PIRATES .wmv

Sour Mash Hug Band at Luigi's Nov 19 2009 Egyption Ella.wmv